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Org Health Systems, Processes & Policies

Want to build a healthy organization?

This directory provides essential tools, templates, and samples to help you create an enduring, high-impact pro-animal organization that consistently achieves its goals while creating a great workplace. 

The directory contains tools to enable:

  • Clarity: Ex - mission, vision, values playbook; organizational goals tutorial; role description template; compensation strategy tutorial
  • Assessment: Ex - sample assessments for leadership and board; performance assessment tutorial; improvement plan template
  • Learning & Engagement: Ex - onboarding guide; development plan template; 1-on-1 agenda template; engagement survey tools
  • Scale & Stability: Ex - templates for succession planning; guide for hiring well; DEI checklist
  • Trust & Safety: Ex - grievance procedure tips; termination best practices; sample policies
  • Benefits: List of benefits that matter most

BONUS! On the second tab of this directory, you'll find a checklist based on the Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE) assessment framework.